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"I’ve dated lots of guys over the years and even though they may say it doesn’t bother them, in the end my weight has always become an issue. I joined Cuddly Dating so I could be sure the guys I chose would like me as I was. John makes me feel beautiful and is always complimenting me. I feel proud to be with him."

John and Jules met on Cuddly Dating

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Cuddly Dating Success Stories

Jen and Mo

"I met Mo after about four months of online dating. I was attracted by his dark hair and eyes and his gentlemanly way of talking when we IM’d or chatted on the phone. By the time we met I already felt like we were old friends because we’d talked every day for two weeks before our date, either on the phone, online or both. After around 20 minutes of meeting I knew this was the guy I wanted to marry. I felt beautiful in his company and I could tell that my fuller figure meant nothing to him, in fact, he loved it! Now we’re thinking of getting married and have looked into buying a house together."

Met on Cuddly Dating and together 1 year

Success Story

Alex and Diana

"The reason I found Diana so attractive was because she had no idea quite how beautiful she was. All her life people had been looking at her and she seemed to think it was because she was ‘fat’ when it was actually because she was striking. With flame red curly hair, pale rosy skin and a Rubinesque figure, it’s no wonder she attracted attention. Well, she certainly attracted mine. I’m so glad I joined Cuddly Dating and met such an amazing and beautiful person."

Met on Cuddly Dating and together 7 months

Success Story

Lisa and James

"I’ve been on dating sites for a while and even though I always show a recent photo, I’ve still had guys make comments about my weight when I met with them. Some were rude and some were downright pervy. I wasn’t after a chubby chaser, just a guy who wasn’t worried about a bit of a fuller figure. So I joined Cuddly Dating and it only took a few weeks to start meeting guys that were dateable. I loved being in control of arranging dates and meeting lots of different men. I dated about ten guys in six months (no, I didn’t sleep with them!) and ended up seeing an amazing show at the theatre, visiting the Beatles Museum, going to a roller disco and going to a friend’s painting party! I eventually met my Mr Right in James, he’s the most loveable guy I’ve ever met and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much!"

Met on Cuddly Dating and together 4 months

Success Story